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Club Address: Chieftain Archery
              4711 Leechburg Road
              New Kensington, PA 15068

Phone: (724) 335-7135

What Chieftain is all about:

  • Foster, expand, encourage and perpetuate the practice of Archery, and the spirit of good fellowship among all Archers.
  • Encourage the use of the bow in the hunting of all legal game and to co-operate with affiliated and parent associations in securing improved regulations, privileges, and conditions for bow Hunters.
  • Co-operate with all organized conservation groups in the conservation and protection of game and forest lands.
  • Maintain a field course, and to sponsor and conduct tournaments.

We have some great news at Chieftain! We will be hosting the PSAA (Pennsylvania State Archery Association) Southwest Regional Bowhunter/Animal Round!!

The months of coursework on the outdoor course has come full circle and we are able to hold a regional shoot for the southwest region.

The shoot is a PSAA event; however, we were given permission for anyone from any club or any region to shoot as guests if you do not have a PSAA membership card. If you shoot as a guest, your score will not be recorded for the PSAA event. Only those who are members of PSAA will be able to have their score recorded.

This is a great opportunity for anyone to try the animal/bowhunter round in a competitive setting.

We are encouraging club’s from other PSAA regions and anyone else to attend this event as a guest.

Chieftain Archery Club has been in existence since 1955. In the club’s 61 year history, this could very well be the first time a regional field round was held (or at least in several decades if one was held).

2024 Officers:

President: Steve Barnes – president@chieftainarchery.org

Vice-President: Wendy Booth

Secretary: Holly Grisolia – secretary@chieftainarchery.org

Treasurer: Janine Remaley – treasurer@chieftainarchery.org

Board of Directors:

Jermey Luke _ 2024 – 2026

Karen Krall_ 2024 – 2026

Scott Eckman _ 2022 – 2024

Dawn Houser _ 2022 – 2024

Jeff Frick _ 2023 – 2025

Gabe Lash _ 2023 – 2025